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Lithuanian Mittens

Lithuanian Mittens

Spent an evening not too long ago recreating a pattern from a single mitten, hand knit in Lithuania and way older than I am, for my mom who lost its pair a while ago. Not sure if it was from my Great Grandmother when she immigrated from Lithuania, or if it was brought back by my mom’s aunt when she was visiting family. Either way I made a fair-isle chart so I can knit everyone a pair for next year’s winter season 🙂

I picked up some lovely shepherd’s wool yarn at my LYS (Local Yarn Shop) Skeins on Main. The aim was not to make a new match for the lone mitten, but to make a new pair of mittens using the pattern 🙂

I found the “how to” on the fantastic looped fringe cast on! Let me say, that cast on took forever to finish! You see how the fringe is flipped-up on the lone mitten? That cast-on just does that. I thought it was because this mitten was so old and stored improperly, but no, it’s because that cast-on just does that and it makes me sad. Hoping that blocking will take care of that.

so for this pattern, I’m using US1 (2.5mm) DPNs. For the next pair I make, I’ll be using US2 (2.75mm).

Enjoy the progress photos below! I’ll post when the pattern is complete 🙂

Happy Knitting! ❤️🧶❤️ 🧶

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