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New Year Resolution (not late, just late posting about it late)

New Year Resolution (not late, just late posting about it late)

So this year my resolution was to create / start a new pattern every month and compile those patterns into a book in 2020. Still on track to make this happen, though April’s pattern may be more of a “March & April” pattern.


I started with a BANG in the new year… so much so that I am STILL working on knitting up this pattern I created! It’s a HUGE side-to-side knit cable shawl in an asymmetrical triangle. The final shawl will be bordered by the small cable pattern that is currently only along the bottom of the shawl. I found this great ebook on Ravelry that outlines how to create a celtic knot border around an entire project so it’ll look like one continuous knit knot. To say I am excited about how this will look is a HUGE understatement!

The yarn I’m using in this project is Borocco Vintage in the color way of Tide Pool — it is a worsted weight yarn, and the project is knit up on US10 needles.


February brought the start of Artesanitarium’s knit designer challenge! (if you haven’t found this knitter yet on IG or through her website, I suggest checking her out … her designs are ah-mazing … https://artesanitarium.com/) With this knit challenge, the object was to create a new pattern within a specific timeframe that had 2 knitting techniques included in the design. Phase 1 of the challenge lasted 4 weeks and was the initial design phase where the contestants had to write up their pattern and knit the first sample. Phase 2 ran for 4 weeks and was the time needed for tech editing and test knitting. Also during this time, the pictures of the knit samples of the designs were posted for voting from Artsanitarium’s website, with plenty of exposure for each pattern on Instagram.

This was a fun process, and I always enjoy when she puts on a designer challenge! This was my second one, my pattern came in third for both challenges.

What I designed was the Cables & Colors Fingerless Gloves. I have another post about these already, but here are a few extra pictures below in case you didn’t get a chance to gander at them.

These are made with sock-weight yarn. The yarn I used was from Arrowhead Fibers (https://www.etsy.com/shop/ArrowheadFibers ), an indy dyer who is very talented. The color ways used were Punky Brewster (the main color) and Evergreen (cables and fair isle contrast color).

The pattern is currently for sale up on Ravelry (https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/cables–colors-2) as well as up on Etsy (https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheKnittervention). I’ll have it posted to Love Knitting soon as well.


March’s pattern I started very late… I think I started it on the 24th. But because I started it in March…. it counts! I think I’m more excited to complete this pattern that I am for January’s shawl, but only by a smidge!! My plans for this shawl are, IMHO, epic. It will have the cabling you see along the top borders and down the center, as well as some cabling along te bottom border… when I get there. The wings of this triangle shawl will be sections of seed stitch, along with large sections of different knit/purl patterns that will create just some lovely texture. Add into that pattern a 3 color fade made with some of the softest yarn I’ve had the pleasure of knitting with, and it will be a piece of art that you can wear! <3

This project is being knit on US 6 needles with fingering / sock weight yarn. The yarn being used in my project is Mountain Color Silk Dance in the colorways Spring Thaw (the first blue color), White Pine (the second color — mostly green with some blue), and Harmony Thyme (the all green yarn). The fiber content of these yarns are 75% Merino Wool and 25% Silk… which makes for a luxurious feeling finished project.


I think it’s fair to say that this month I may NOT have a pattern created, but my hope is to have January and March’s shawls completed or near completed before the end of the month 🙂

If there’s time, I’ll start a pattern, something small like a hat with colorwork or easy cables.

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