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BIG Updates and New Goings On

BIG Updates and New Goings On


It has been a hot flipping minute since I’ve done anything on this page, and I’m sorry that has been the case. But with the whole COVID-19 “stay home / stay safe” order form the Governor of Michigan, I find I now have some extra time to get things that I’ve been neglecting done!
First up, this webpage 🙂

So, what has been happening within TheKnittervention since my last post about test knitting and my trip to Alaska? A LOT!

I’ve created the pattern for my “Chena River Travel Socks” while I was in Alaska and had those published 🙂

Got to go to Germany, just in time for the hottest week / day in recorded history. That was not so fun as most of the country didn’t have air conditioning. The culture was WONDERFUL, and the 2 yarn shops I got to hit up (don’t remember the names) were lovely. I knit up a new shawl pattern I’ve named the “Nuremberger Travel Shawl” that I still have to put through tech editing and test knitting. Actually – because I didn’t write down the pattern and gave the shawl as a gift to my friend that lives in Germany — I need to recreate it (facepalm) lol.

I’ve been to Hawaii, where I got to work on a BEAUTIFUL “Midnight in Paris” shawl by Nim Teasdale (nimble knits on Ravelry) that I knit up with a skein of my own hand-spun yarn…. a fractal spin that produced some great striping. Also got to go to a wonderful LYS, Storied Yarns, there #supportlocal.

I did some additional traveling, but nothing so exoctic that I care to put it down, except to say that every LYS I had the pleasure of visiting while on travel has been welcoming and wonderful. Make sure that where ever you go, try to hit up a LYS in the area. 🙂

I’ve FINALLY published the Celtic Coast Shawl! The hold up for that was, well, I was lazy with the editing and busy with travel. As I was getting ready to finish and release the version I had, I met Kat with Why Knot Fibers during the Southeast Michigan Yarn Crawl at The Yarn Stop in Clarkston, MI. I was wearing my CCS, and talking to her about my need to knit a new one up for pattern photos because my current one had been worn so often it was no longer “close-up worthy) lol. She pointed out some of her gradient yarn sets (specifically the Startdust gradient mini-skein sets with 5 colors and a fantastic sparkly to them) and helped my pick out new yarn to reknit my CCS with! So now the pattern includes instructions for a single, 3, and 5 color versions!
There will be a QKAL (Quarantine KAL) starting soon, and I will put that information in s separate post, but I hope that if you made it this far in this post, that you will join us!

I’m also in the process of creating not one, but TWO podcasts and YouTube channels. (because why not lol)

TheKnittervention: A Podcast for those who want to knit fast, die warm, and make beautiful things along the way!
-This will be mainly an audio podcast featuring only me talking about knitting, knit design and my process, spinning, weaving, WIPS, upcoming items, etc
-The YouTube channel that will be associated with this will be mainly for my KALs that I host as well as tips, tricks, skills, and techniques related to my patterns meant to be used as a video reference library 🙂

Knits & Giggles: A Podcast for Fiber Folk
-This will mainly be a YouTube “Podcast” (for reals tho…. it’s a VLOG) and the audio will be uploaded as a podcast.
-This will feature myself and my very best Fiber Friend, Summer, and I CANNOT WAIT to get the ball rolling on this (yaaassss!!!) as soon as she’s back from California. I’ve been practicing my Video and Audio presence so I’m not, you know, horrible. Let’s be honest though, the first episode isn’t going to be that great when we look back at it in a year or two lol.
-We will focus on anything fiber related…. festivals, designers, indy dyers, yarn dying, spinning, weaving, knitting, crochet, techniques, WIPs, upcoming projects, what wine pairs best with what pattern….. drunken knitting… the SKY’S THE LIMIT!

Both of these Podcasts will have corresponding pages on this site with content that is covered in those episodes, so I’ll be forced to spend quite some time in here lol.

Like I said, a lot coming up, and I’m happy to take you on the ride with me!

Happy Knitting and I look forward to keeping you all updated!

Erin White

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